Caspian Chemical distributes a wide range of epoxy resins for every application including Solvent free coatings, water-based systems, vacuum-based systems, vacuum impregnation, acrylation grades for UV cure resins, electro-deposition grades for vehicle coatings, adhesives, windmills and civil construction. With a track record spanning more than 60 years, epoxy resins are versatile and offer excellent adhesion, chemical resistance, safety, and compatibility.

Epoxies are one of the most adaptable and widely sold high-performance polymers in the world. The most common epoxy resins are based on reacting Epichlorohydrin with Bisphenol A.


  • Coatings
  • Flooring
  • Water Delivery
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Composites
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Tooling & Adhesives
  • Resins


  • maintenance & marine, can/oil, automotive, pipes, rebar
  • anti-corrosive primers, primer tie coats, HD intermediates, primer finishes
  • abrasion resistant coatings, chemical resistant tank linings, fire resistant coatings and heat resistant coatings
  • floorings, repair of mortars, crack injection
  • laminates, filaments, mold pipes
  • printed circuit board, insulations, potting, encapsulation
  • molding compounds
  • esterification as Vinyl or epoxy esters
  • acrylation for UV cure
  • adduct formation for curing agents
  • as curing agents for acrylic non-isocyanate cure 2 component paints