About Us

Starting with market leaders

The history of Caspian Group starts 50 years ago when it was established in 1964 by two university students as a marketing and advertising company, which grew so quickly, that within 10 years it became a large and sophisticated full service marketing and advertising company.

Amongst our international clients were industry giants such as Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, Gillette, General Electric, American Express, USA Trade department, Italian Trade Center, Bayer, VW, BMW and many others.

We assisted our international clients with new product development and launches with sophisticated marketing and advertising plans. Then we passed on our expertise to our local clients and showed them the value of utilising international marketing “know-how” to succeed in local markets.

Entering the challenging world of chemicals

In 1980, Caspian decided to enter the chemical business and Caspian Chemical was born. Building on the strong Caspian name, Caspian Chemical became a market leader for supply of chemical raw materials to Middle East countries in a few short years.

Our Mission Statement

In collaboration with reputable manufacturers, the ability to obtain quality products to enable us and our providers to be the No. 1 suppliers of raw chemicals in the Middle East

Our Values

  • Commitment – to our clients and staff
  • Professionalism at all times
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Customer Service

Our Expertise

With our Head Office in Dubai and affiliate offices in Europe and India, Caspian Chemical has a team of professionals and experts with strong industry experience; we are uniquely placed to cater to the needs of our diverse range of customers. As an innovative partner we offer considerably more than just high-value products; we support our customers in facing a multitude of challenges and offer them tailor-made solutions. This, coupled with our strong in-market presence, allows us to quickly develop new products and technologies on behalf of our suppliers.

What makes us outstanding

Our extremely diverse portfolio spans the performance continuum — from industry bulk solvents to highly differentiated specialty products, our broad array of products allows customers to find the exact match for their requirements. This can be particularly advantageous for our clientele as multiple products are packaged together in a single delivery to minimize inventory and transportation costs.

This is why most of the products we represent are No. 1

Caspian Group of Companies is proud to be one of the leading suppliers of raw materials to Middle East and CIS markets.